Oops, My Bad! Should I Write Them a Note?

That is in my Cher from Clueless voice, just to let you know!

Isn't it funny when you say sorry to someone and they're saying sorry back to you, but the two of you are sincerely apologizing for two different reasons? I digress, however, and I know this sounds confusing; let me give an example.

Picture a new couple on a dinner date at home. Boyfriend and Girlfriend are sitting having a great evening despite nervousness & jitters until all of a sudden, Boyfriend leans over and throws up on the beige dining room carpet. Boyfriend is embarrassed and between dry heaves yells out, "Sorry! I got sick! "
Girlfriend, on the other hand, is less concerned about the vomit and while hunting for carpet cleaner and a steamer yells out "Sorry! I undercooked the chicken, so you might have food poisoning!"

So there, you have it; mutual "sorries" for two different reasons. I say that to say this: I had that happen to me the other day and I felt like I wanted to talk about it!

Hey, I do what I want!

Hoodrats have it Easy

Throughout my life I've been, for the most part, a nice young lady. There are times, however, when I long to live up to my age group and ethnicity and be a hoodrat.

Exhibiting Grade A Hoodrat behavior has its perks: free Wet n' Wild as a result of starting an argument with the girl at CVS, plenty of fast food to eat from my homegirl's Chic-Fil-A job, looking good with long hair don't care of the plastic variety, and above all, not to mention a plethora of available suitors, many of whom will do ME a favor by sitting at home all day, dilligently, intently & intensely watching my belongings along with my television. How sweet!

Certifiable Hoodrat status is not going to be easy. I will have to learn the words to every Three 6 Mafia song, and that includes Gangsta Boo, Project Pat, AND La Chat's "You Ain't Mad Iz Ya." I'm also going to have to learn a new vocabulary that includes "Baby Daddy," "5.7.9" and "100% Kanekalon Hair!!" And to prove myself even more, I'm going to have to acquire a love of White Tees on men for daytime & evening wear, and accept the wardrobing of striped polos for extra special occasions like weddings.

Being a hoodrat isn't going to be easy, but I'm not going to stop working at it. The benefits greatly outweigh being a classy young lady. I'm already on my way to the nearest Asian-owned Beauty Supply/Clothing store to get my swag up!!

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