The Black Guy Uniform

I am so TIRED of seeing guys in striped polo shirts. Do the make any other style other than horizontal stripes? You know what: it doesn't matter because I detest them all. I don't understand the mass appeal of these garments. It's like bees to honey, mice to cheese, flies to a picnic. Is there some unwritten clause in the Black Guy Code of Ethics under the Grooming tab that instructs all uninformed Black guys over the age of 14 that they, too, should be wearing a horizontally striped polo shirt at EVERY outing? And, don't start with that "it's universal and comfortable" mess! I'm not buying it! These tops are everywhere: the pulpit, the job interview, the club, the grocery store, even private school. Somebody please break this generational curse that began in 1996! I can't even look at this pic. I want to slap that smug, "it's-so-no-fuss-and-stylish" smirk right off his face. Ugh.