Damn Canadians!

I swear, some days I feel like I live in Canada. I relocated to DFW area, and I'm temporarily setting up shop in Plano. Why does it take me 20 mins to get to far north Dallas? No, that's not a rhetorical questions. I don't know; you tell me. That's why I asked. It takes me like 35-40 mins just to go do hoodrat stuff with my friends. That's a no go for me, as I need my hoodrattedness to be close by, preferably within walking distance. And, yes, I know this is neither funny nor well thought out, but this is my blog & I do what I want!

Girl U So Important!

Oh, the joys of Twitter. And in honor of such a wonderful microblogging institution, I will bow in reverence and twitterize this post!

Twtr's so great. I luv that I can fllw celebs & c thr tweets + talk 2 my real life ppl. Twtr hlped me use mac's "smmrze txt" option n txt edt.

Okay, enough of that. I feel like I'm 14 years old. Let me tell you what I REALLY think of Twitter. It's an addictive little site that educates you on the fine art of gracefully stalking people. Groupies get it IN and collect athlete's phone numbers like pubic lice. Celebs tweet every ten minutes (read: DIDDY) and expect you to give a damn! And worst of all, it makes average Joes with no social life whatsoever, think that whatever corny crap they're doing on the couch while watching Dancing with the Stars is of the utmost importance.


Twitter is evil. Evil, evil. No one cares that you're is stopped up on the pot. No one cares that you just left the vet and Muffy is sore from her vaccines. No one cares that you just got a haircut. And most of all, not one person cares that you're on Twitter!! Oh, and while we're talking about being on Twitter, follow me!

Girl, U So Free-Spirited!!

I thought the freedom of not having a job would be fun. It's not. I am getting desperate, panicky, and thinking about tricking myself out at Bone Daddy's or Twin Peaks. I haven't slept in weeks and I get irritated when my gainfully employed pals can't join me for a walk around the mall at 1:30 in the afternoon or for a late lunch at 2:15. Or, better yet, when they can't stay up past 10:45p.m. because they have to be up at six to be on time for work at nine!

Blasphemy, I say!

Not having a job has its perks. I don't have to worry about asking off in order to do hoodrat stuff with my friends; I can wake up when I feel like it; and I can come and go when I please! You know, now that I think about it, this lavish life (I mean, minus the inflow of cash) sounds a lot like freelancing. Maybe I need to take that up!