You Know it's Bad When the Mechanic Tells You the Truth!

My car needs fixing. Again. Trips to the mechanic and hookups to the diagnostic machine are nothing new for me and Emerald (my car's name). But this time, Emerald has outdone herself. Every time I stop at a stoplight, stop sign, or even hesitate on the brakes for a moment too long, she whimpers, chokes, and dies on me. Once on the street when I was trying to make a left hand turn across two lanes. So of course, I knew it was time to take Emerald for a check up.

I decided I didn't want to go with my usual guy because I suspect he's been cheating me a little on the work I've been getting. So I went to these fancy new people who are located off the highway. They took a look at my baby and said with confidence that it was my mass air control filter. Ah ha! So that's why my car has been embarrassing me with her wailing noises. It's so loud that I turn up the volume of my music, which has resulted in a blown out back speaker, *sigh*.

I was so happy that this work was only going to cost me $220. I brought my car back to get worked on, five minutes later, the mechanic calls me and tells me to come get my junk. He can't work on it because it's NOT the mass air control thing or another. Then he proceeded to turn the knife: he was honest with me. And it wasn't good. He told me there was no use in fixing my car because it wasn't like the car was gonna last me too much longer anyway. Then he got even more honest and told me my transmission AND my engine were gonna go out on me sooner rather than later.

I appreciated his straightforward communication tactics, but man! You know it's bad when the mechanic tells you your car isn't worth fixing!