An Oldie, But a Goodie!

Fellas, are you lonely? Not getting any play? Tired of stuck up chicks giving you the eye roll/"I-know-he-ain't-talking-to-me" combination at the let-out of the club? Well, here's the solution you've been waiting for: Mackin' 101!

Meet Krish, an expert in the field. After countless nights outside of parties and clubs, she has experienced it all: the "Pssts, hey shawtys," the awkwardly placed solicitations of wannabe potential suitors, the abrasive yells from young men riding on the passenger side of questionable vehicles, and, oh yes, even the frequent "Alright then, bitch!" when wannabe potentials are on the receiving end of rejection.

But wait! Being solution-oriented, Krish has formulated a fool-proof program to get young men out of striped, Faded Glory polos and into the arms of the young women they desire! After working exclusively with celebrities, Krish is now introducing her renowned program Mackin' 101 for home use! For just three easy payments of $29.99, you too can put the 'Cha' in Charming, put the 'Swa' in Sauve and most importantly, put the juice back in your swagger! But you must act now! This special offer won't last long! Be the first of your homeboys to mack with favorable results every time! Remember, for just three easy payments of $29.99, you can own Krish's fool-proof Mackin' 101! Act now!

Stay tuned after the break when Krish reveals secrets from the Mackin' 101 program!