Girl, Why U Tryna be Cute?

I swear, I need to stop wearing cheap shoes. And I'm not being snobby when I say cheap, I mean cheap like, $6.99-unboxed-held-together-with-a-ziptie-on-sale-at-the-juniors'-store cheap. I was trying to be 'Girl U So Cute' in a casual dining restaurant in my fashion frugal teal high heels.

Walking from my booth to the bathroom wasn't a problem; I even got a little swagger in my step on the way back to the table.

So when I stood up to leave and grabbed my to-go container and that's when I felt the ball of my foot slide across the wood laminate flooring like I honoring MJ with a Moonwalk. My heel skid to the left, to the left. And, I almost fell. Thank Jesus from Nazereth that I didn't bust my butt in the middle of a crowed restaurant on a weekend night!

Let this be a lesson to you ladies given to you at my expense.

That is all.


DaTruth said...

Big plus you didnt fall!!!

Tamara said...

OMG I could barely read this... LOL