Elvita is a very nice woman. She, my coochie & I have a special relationship. It's because she was kind, caring at a time when I was spread eagle on her table. But that was the end of her sweet spirit.

That lady pasted, rubbed and ripped like there was no tomorrow, and in her broken English, told me that I was to blame for my pain & suffering! Shame on her! Okay, so maybe some of my coochie sadness was my fault because I, as a result of my laziness, was going for the "Bohemian" look. She didn't have to call me out though. I don't care if it was only her and me in the room together.

Ladies, please stay on top of your grooming. Don't get lazy like me; let this be a warning!

That is all.


Tamara said...

Your ass is crazy.LMAO Well I never had this done... how much does it cost and how often does this need to be done... so when I start I'm not lazy like you?