God Don't Like Ugly Or Burnt Sienna Either

I think that ugly people shouldn't wear earth tones. If you are indeed an ugly person seeking advice, listen to me and listen to me good: DO NOT WEAR BROWN, OLIVE, KHAKI, OR BURNT SIENNA NEAR YOUR FACE! This only makes your skin look drab, brings out the dark circles you already have under your eyes, and makes your teeth look dingy.

I know fall is approaching and natural looking colors of the earth and forest tempt you from department store racks. Please don't fall into temptation. Put your blinders on and let the Lord lead you to the salvation of navy blue, white or shades of gray!

Don't let yourself be a victim. You will only increase the already unsavory reactions people give you based upon your ugliness. Put away those olive and tan dress shirts and diminish your bad luck as much as a merlot colored shirt will allow.