Temperature's Rising...!!

It is so hot I wanna slap somebody. This sweltering heat is ungodly. There is no reason for me to walk out of my house and have my mouth go dry. I shouldn't have to wait 20 minutes for the air in my car to start cooling off because it's 107 degrees and rising.

I thought about going to the pool to cool off, to feel the water swirl around me and engulf me in coolness as engage in a lazy backstroke....BUT NO! What is the point of going in 85 degree water? I guess I can't complain because 85 is a helluva lot cooler than 105!

Even at night there is no break. Last night it was 95 at 10 p.m. Why, Lord, why? Is this our punishment for throwing trash on the ground in giant landfills? I'm saddened. I can't cope, but I should be used to this type of menacing heat by now.

I suppose I'll keep a bottle of 80 degree water by my side at all times in case my mouth goes dry again.