LLDoc9: Ladies Love Dr. 90210

I enjoy seeing the miracle of plastic fantastic. It's something about the way skin looks so shiny and taut after a procedure that just gives me a jolt of energy. I love how breast tissue stretches to accommodate a cantaloupe-sized saline bubble.

Middle-aged women are the most susceptible to the wonders of augmentation, lifts and tucks. They don't care if the world is afire as a result of global warming as long as their eyelids don't droop. What's the point of an older, more sophisticated lady having perky DDs that would rival her 23-year-old granddaughter if she has osteoporosis; the bragging rights of slender hips if she has poor circulation; or the value of full lips if she has dentures?

My favorite has to be oversized bouncing ball type breasts on women older than 51. Some women go beyond reclaiming what's rightfully theirs and cross the line into porn star territory. I've seen breasts so big that the strip of skin between the breasts that should be attached to her sternum has permanently pulled away from her chest. That has to be my favorite surgery result; a close second to pillow-y swollen upper lips.

Surgical enhancements are situations that easily go very wrong. But who cares as long as the patient loves the outcome and I can laugh, well, only as long as gravity doesn't get the best of me.